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A Set of Widely Used Unmistakable Urdu Restaurant Phrases


If you start fidgeting upon being invited to a Pakistani restaurant because you’re afraid you don’t know enough Urdu restaurant phrases to order, it might be because it reminds you of an embarrassing moment from your past. Well, get ready to stop declining restaurant gathering invitations because the cure is here. We have assorted a list of not-to-be-missed Urdu conversations in the restaurant you can use as examples to learn from.

This article will not only guide you about basic Urdu restaurant phrases but also about the most common Urdu restaurant phrases to beef up your Urdu restaurant vocabulary and help you learn how to order food in Urdu. Moreover, as an ambitious aspirant of Urdu language learning, you should not miss this Urdu vocabulary lesson because it promises to inform you about a list of instrumental Urdu restaurant words, other indispensable Urdu words, and a bundle of basic Urdu phrases concerning the restaurant industry in Pakistan.

A Family Eating Out at a Restaurant

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  1. Before Dining
  2. During Dining
  3. After Dining
  4. Conclusion

1. Before Dining

Booking a table isn’t something that’s normally expected of you in Pakistan; however, to avoid the frustration of not getting a table while walking in a restaurant, you can always choose to reserve a table in advance. You can do this at three-star to five-star hotels in Pakistan. In most cases, though, you can visit a restaurant without a prior reservation. You definitely won’t be treated as an unwelcome guest.

In the big cities, the majority of the people love to dine out on weekends; therefore, it is recommended that if you want to visit a good restaurant on weekends, to reserve a table for yourself in advance. If you are planning for lunch, however, you probably do not need to make any reservations.

Nowadays, you can check for online booking for the famous food chains in Pakistan but booking a table on the telephone is always the best option as you can describe your requests and have them double-checked to avoid confusion.

In the following section of the article, you can find an example of an Urdu telephone conversation that may help you get a reservation to dine out at a good Pakistani restaurant of your own.

  •  ہیلو، “آواری ہوٹل”، میں آپ کی کیا مدد کر سکتا/سکتی ہوں؟
    Hello, “Avari Hotel,” mei aap ki kia madad ker sakta/sakti hun?
    Hello, “Avari Hotel,” how may I help you?
  •   کیا مجھے کل شام کو آپ کے ریستوران میں تین افراد کے لیے ایک میز مِل سکتی ہے؟
    Kia mujhay kal shaam ko aap kay restoraan mein teen afraad kay liye aik meiz mil sakti hai?
    Can I get a table for three in your restaurant for tomorrow evening?
  •  آپ کس وقت آنا پسند کریں گے؟
    Aap kis waqt aana pasand karein gay?
    At what time would you like to come?
  •  سات بجے۔
    Saat bajay.
    At seven p.m.
  •  کیا اس وقت پر آنگن میں کوئی میز مِل سکتی ہے؟
    Kia iss waqt per aangan mein koi meiz mil sakti hai?
    Is there any table available at this time on the patio?
  •  جی باِلکل مِل سکتی ہے۔
    Jee bilkul mil sakti hai.
    Yes, it is available.
  •  مہربانی فرما کر، اسے میرے لیے بُک کر دیں۔
    Meharbani ferma ker, issay meray liye book ker dein.
    Please, reserve it for me.
  •  آپ کی میز بُک ہو چکی ہے۔
    Aap ki meiz book ho chuki hai.
    Your table has been reserved.
  • شکریہ۔
    Thank you.

A Reserved Table at a Restaurant

2. During Dining

If you enter a Pakistani restaurant with a prior booking with your name, you can use the sentence below and leave the rest to the reception staff. They will take you to the reserved table without any procedural delay.

  •  السّلامُ علیکم! میں نے محمد حاتم کے نام سے ایک میز بُک کروائی ہے۔
    Assalam-u-alaikum! Mei nay Muhammad Hatim kay naam say aik meiz book kerwai hai.
    Hello! I have reserved a table under the name of Muhammad Hatim.

Nonetheless, if you could not book a table for yourself, don’t worry. You’ll be welcomed by a restaurant staff member at the entrance. It is almost a norm to appoint a welcoming staff member who can guide you to the vacant tables. After you have occupied your table, now you can ask for the menu politely to order the food for you.

  •  براہِ مہربانی، مینیو دیجیے گا۔
    Barah-e-meharbani, menu dijiye ga.
    Please, give me the menu.

A Man Point a Finger on a Menu Card to Order Something at a Restaurant

Whenever you need the attention of a waiter or any other member of the restaurant staff, use the following expression. It always suffices, as it is a sufficiently respectful way of calling someone in Pakistan.

  •  بات سنیے گا۔
    Baat suniye ga.
    Listen, please.

A Couple Trying to Draw the Attention of a Waiter

If you are not sure what to order, don’t forget to seek help from the waiter by asking about the specialty of the day. Most of the time, it is a good choice to go with and it won’t disappoint you in terms of its taste.

  •  آج کی خاص ڈِش کون سی ہے؟
    Aaj ki khaas dish kon si hai?
    What is today’s special?

One may find the need to go to the bathroom anywhere. If it happens to you in an Urdu restaurant, ask the waiter about the bathroom with the help of the sentence given below.

  •  باتھ روم کدھر ہے؟
    Bathroom kidhar hai?
    Where is the bathroom?

The aroma of desi cuisine can tempt you and make you crave some extra stuff as well. If you need something else other than the ordered food, use the following expression.

Chapli Kabab – A Dish from Desi Cuisine

  •  کیا مجھے سلاد کے ساتھ، تھوڑی سی کٹی ہوئی ہری مرچیں مِل سکتی ہیں؟
    Kia mujhay salaad kay saath, thori si kati hui hari merhchein mil sakti hain?
    Can I get some chopped green chillies with the salad?

Commenting on the food is always welcomed in Pakistani restaurants, as people tend to appreciate the feedback. Below are a couple of sentences that can serve as examples of how to give feedback on the taste and quality of the meal.

  •  مُرغ کڑاہی میں نمک کچھ زیادہ تھا۔
    Murgh karahi mein namak kuch ziyadah tha.
    The chicken karahi was a bit salty.
  •  کھانا مزیدار تھا۔
    Khaana mazaydaar tha.
    The food was tasty.

3. After Dining

When you have finished your meal, you can ask for the bill straight away if you do not want to sit any longer; however, if you want to spend some time gossiping with your family or friends, it isn’t very likely that the staff will ask you to leave. To ask for the bill, you can use the following sentence.

  •  بِل لے آئیں۔
    Bill lay aaein,
    Please, bring the bill.

A Receipt of a Bill of a Restaurant

If you are running short of cash, it is recommended that you should ask the restaurant staff if they accept credit or debit cards before you decide on eating there. It can save you from experiencing some embarrassing moments: since it is mostly customary to pay in hard cash, the majority of the restaurants do not accept cards. However, certain food chains and starred hotels do accept cards as well. To ask whether a restaurant accepts a card or not, go with the following sentence.

  •  کیا آپ کے ہاں کریڈٹ کارڈ قبول کیا جاتا ہے؟
    Kia aap kay haan credit card qabool kiya jaata hai?
    Do you accept credit cards here?

Normally, people do not pay separately for their food in Pakistan; however, if you require the restaurant to charge the bill individually, you can ask the waiter the following.

  •  کیا آپ سب کے لیے علیحدہ بِل لا سکتے ہیں؟
    Kia aap sab kay liye alaihidah bill la saktay hain?
    Can you bring separate bills for all?

If you have ordered too much food and you are unable to finish it all, you can ask the waiter to get it packed for you. People do not mind doing it here.

  •  براہِ مہربانی، یہ کھانا پیک کر دیں۔
    Barah-e-meharbani, yeh khaana pack ker dein.
    Please, pack this food.

Leaving a place on a good note is a nice gesture. If you have spent quality time at a restaurant and you are happy with their services, say goodbye with the following sentence.

  •  یہاں پر ہمارا اچھا وقت گزرا۔
    Yahan per hamara acha waqt guzra.
    We spent quality time here.

4. Conclusion

This article has helped you learn restaurant phrases in the Urdu language that are undoubtedly useful. This list of Urdu restaurant phrases also helps you in ordering food in Urdu. Since you can use them for having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a little bit of modification, they’re sure to be useful expressions.

Are you prepared to book a table for yourself in a Pakistani restaurant or order some of your food in Urdu? If your answer is ‘yes’, congrats! We are happy. If it is a ‘no’ and you have a few further questions and queries to follow up with, you might want to check out our blog article on Pakistani cuisine and learn more about food culture in Pakistan.

Besides that, don’t forget to visit UrduPod101! It is a rich repository of Urdu language resources such as an Urdu dictionary, Urdu pronunciation and Urdu grammar lessons, Urdu vocabulary lists, and more! It will help you hone your Urdu studies the more you practice.

Have some very Happy Urdu Learning!

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