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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson we’ll look at a very useful phrase meaning "I don't understand." It’s useful because there may be situations in which you don't immediately understand what people are saying.
In Urdu, “I don’t understand” is Mujhay samajh nahi aii. Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Mujhay samajh nahi aii
Now let's hear it one more time.
Mujhay samajh nahi aii
First we have the word Mujhay, which means “I” in this context.
(slow) Mujhay
Next, we have samajh, which means “understand.”
(slow) samajh
Next we have nahi aii, which means “do not”
(slow) nahi aii
nahi aii
Therefore “I don’t understand” in Urdu is..
(slow) Mujhay samajh nahi aii
Mujhay samajh nahi aii
To make your sentence polite, you can add “I’m sorry” at the beginning of the sentence, which is Mazrat in Urdu.
So the whole phrase will be "I'm sorry, I don't understand." In Urdu, this is
Mazrat, Mujhay samajh nahi aii.
When you don't understand something, you can also be more proactive and say "What does it mean?" This phrase in Urdu is Iss ka kia matlab hai? Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Iss ka kia matlab hai?
Once again..
Iss ka kia matlab hai?
The first word, Iss ka, means "this"
(slow) Iss ka
Iss ka
The second word is kia, meaning "what."
(slow) kia
Lastly, we have matlab hai, meaning “meaning”
(slow) matlab hai
matlab hai
All together, once again “What does it mean?” is..
Iss ka kia matlab hai?