Meet the Team

Team Members

Afrah Zahid Afrah Zahid Afrah was born and raised in Pakistan but has lived half of her life in Kuwait. Urdu is her native language. Afrah recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University, and has been working as a language instructor in Japan since March 2015. Afrah loves cooking and baking, and if she hadn’t chosen to study business and finance, she would definitely have been a professional chef. She just loves food! She says learning any foreign language is easy if you have the passion for it. At UrduPod101, our goal is to help you with that passion!
Shazia Ashfaq Shazia Ashfaq Shazia was born in Pakistan but raised abroad. She has been teaching for more than 15 years. She is currently volunteering at NGO/NPO Jasmine Pakistan association in Japan, which promotes children\’s education. Currently working as an International Marketing Manager in the Japanese Cosmetics Company, the skin care cosmetics manufacturer for Muslim countries, she wants to be a bridge between two countries—Japan and Pakistan—to come closer and work on some projects together.
Shiraz Ahmed Shiraz Ahmed Born and raised in Pakistan, Shiraz Ahmed has taught English literature, the English language, and comparative Urdu literature at the university level for more than a decade. He is also a Ph.D. holder in English literature at a prestigious Pakistani university. Shiraz speaks Urdu, Punjabi, and English, and his areas of interest for research include postcolonial, folk, and indigenous Urdu literature. In addition to research and academic writing, he takes pleasure in writing blogs, translation, and transcription/interpretation. He is particularly fond of multitasking and experimenting on the phenomena of teaching and learning different languages.