Meet the Team

Afrah Zahid Afrah Zahid Afrah was born and raised in Pakistan but has lived half of her life in Kuwait. Urdu is her native language. Afrah recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University, and has been working as a language instructor in Japan since March 2015. Afrah loves cooking and baking, and if she hadn’t chosen to study business and finance, she would definitely have been a professional chef. She just loves food! She says learning any foreign language is easy if you have the passion for it. At UrduPod101, our goal is to help you with that passion!
Hamza Umer Hamza Umer Hamza was born in Pakistan and has spent most of his life in Pakistan. He speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Persian, and likes playing basketball, watching cricket, and car racing. He studied in various international schools in Pakistan before going on to do undergraduate studies at LUMS in Pakistan and Waseda University in Japan. After graduating, he worked with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for a year and then moved to Japan for further studies. Currently, he is enrolled in a master’s program at Waseda University studying applied economics. He has been teaching Economics and English for one year.

Apart from Japan, he has been to Thailand and China. Hamza loves travelling and he hopes to go to Hawaii on his next trip!