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Lesson Transcript

Assalam u Alaikum mera naam Afrah hai. Hi everybody! My name is Afrah. Welcome to UrduPod101.com’s “3 minat mein Urdu”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Urdu.
In the last lesson, you learned how to show gratitude to people by saying shukriya. In this lesson you’ll learn some of the most common greetings used in Pakistan.
kyaa aap Taiyaar hain? Are you ready?
To chaliye shuru karen! So let’s begin!
Let’s start with a greeting you’re sure to have heard before:
Assalam u Alaikum
This is a word that is so closely associated with Pakistan and Islamic culture that it has become famous all over the world.
(slow) Assalam u Alaikum
Assalam u Alaikum
The phrase Assalam u Alaikum is actually Arabic for "Peace be on you." We use it as a formal, as well as a friendly greeting. It’s used when people meet at any time of the day- morning, noon, or evening!
Use this and you will surely impress your Pakistani friends.
In Urdu, using different greetings for each time of the day is not very common. When talking to friends, we usually just use the English phrases. But there are equivalent Urdu versions – they’re just not used that often.
If you meet someone before noon, you can say:
Subah Bakhair
(slowly) Subah Bakhair
For later in the day, you can say:
Sham Bakhair
(slowly) Sham Bakhair.
But most of the time, you can just say Assalam u Alaikum and not worry about it!
Now let's move on to the expressions we use for saying "good-bye" in Urdu.
A parting expression that we can use for all occasions is phir milenge, which means
"See you."
(slow) phir milenge
phir milenge
The first word, phir, means "again," and the second word milenge means "We will
Let's look at one more expression.
Alvida is an Urdu word which means "Farewell."
(slow) Alvida
It is an appropriate choice when parting for a long time or forever.
Now it’s time for Afrah’s Advice.
As we learned in this lesson, Assalam u Alaikum can be used at any time of the day. But this all-around greeting is not just for saying "hello" but for saying "good-bye" as well. It really is a very useful phrase and you should remember it by heart.
In the next lesson, you’ll learn the meaning of the phrase kyaa aap angrezii bolte hain? Do you already know it? I'll be waiting to tell you about it in our next lesson.
Phir milenge!