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Lesson Transcript

Assalam u Alaikum mera naam Afrah hai.
Hi, My name is Afrah. Welcome to UrduPod101.com’s “3 minat mein Urdu”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Urdu.
In the last lesson, you learned how to use Urdu adjectives. In this lesson we will look at a common Urdu verb, one you will certainly hear all the time! That verb is jaana, which means "to go". Of course we will use this word along with many different destinations.
So imagine someone asks you Tum itwar ko kahaan ja rahe ho? This is an informal way to ask "Where are you going this Sunday?"
Let’s say you are going to the beach. You can answer in Urdu main samudar ky kinaray jaa rahaa hoon
[slowly] main samudar ky kinaray jaa rahaa hoon
Let’s break down this answer:
First we have:
main which is "I"
Then comes the destination, samudar ky kinaray which is “the beach”
After that, we have jaa rahaa which is like saying the phrase “I am going” when spoken by a man. Women would say jaa rahii.
Last we have hoon, which is “am”.
So the formula is main + your destination + jaa rahaa hoon if you are man, or jaa rahii hoon if you are a woman. However, this formula applies only if your destination is singular as in the case of “the beach”.
If you are going to a plural destination whether feminine or masculine -- for example mountains or forests -- you will need to add one word after the destination to connect it to the verb.
To say you are going to the “mountains”, or in Urdu, pahadon, you will need to place the word mein, which is similar to the English preposition “in” after the destination. So it will be - main pahadon mein jaa rahaa hoon if you are a man, or main pahadon mein jaa rahii hoon if you are a woman.
This is what you would say if you are going to be “in” the mountains. If you are going to see something, you can actually add a word which means “to see”. In Urdu, this is Dekhne and it goes after the destination and before jaa rahaa hoon. So to say, “I am going to see the forts,” you could say main kiley dekhne jaa rahaa hoon if you’re a man and main kiley dekhne jaa rahii hoon if you’re a woman.
Now it’s time for Afrah’s Advice.
In Urdu, we often say chalain which has no direct translation in English. It is like an invitation which means something like “Shall we?” So if you want to invite your friend to go swimming with you, you could ask, Taerne chalain? It literally means “Swimming, shall we?” Or how about if you want to go to the movies? You could easily invite them by saying Film daikhny chalain? literally, “Movie watching, shall we?” Try it out!
So, in this lesson, we learned how to use the verb jaana and to link it to destinations with the correct words. In the next lesson, we’ll learn another very useful verb, karna. Do you know what this Urdu verb means? I'll be waiting for you with the answer in the next “3 minat mein Urdu” lesson. Phir milenge.