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Lesson Transcript

Hello and assalamualaikum. This is Afrah and welcome to our series Urdu top words. So our today’s lesson is Top 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster. So let’s get started.
تلے ہوئے کهانے
(talay huay khanay)
"fried foods"
So, the first one would be of course,
تلے ہوئے کهانے
(talay huay khanay)
“fried foods”
تلے ہوئے کهانے صحت کے لیے نقصان ده ہیں.
(Talay huay khanay sehat ky liye nuqsan deh hain)
"Fried foods are harmful to one's health."
People of Lahore, Lahoris are famous for their fried food and the street food and I think it is almost unavoidable in all the street food that we have in Lahore. Everything is fried, everything, even the vegetables.
So the next word will be (mithai) “sweets”
مجهے مٹھائی پسند ہے.
(Mujhay mithai pasand hai)
"I like sweets."
So, in Pakistan, we have all those sweets like Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla and they have lots of sugar in it and they are really, really harmful for your health but I would ask you to try it because they are really delicious.
جمے ہوئے کهانے
(jamay huay khanay)
"frozen meals"
جمے ہوئے کهانے مزیدار نہیں ہوتے.
(Jamay huay khanay mazedar nahin hotay.)
"Frozen meals are not tasty."
I think it is not very common in Pakistan to have as in cooked frozen meals like you just take them home and just microwave them and just eat it. But we do have those frozen meals, I wouldn’t say frozen meals. I would say frozen food as in nuggets and some meat that is frozen and also we have frozen vegetables. So they are not exactly a meal but yeah, frozen food.
آلو کے چپس
(aloo ky chips)
"potato chips"
مجهے آلو کے چپس پسند ہیں.
(Mujhay aloo ky chips pasand hain.)
"I like potato chips."
I do.
مارجرین صحت کے لئے اچھا نہیں ہے.
(Margarine sehat ky liye acha nahin hai.)
"Margarine is not good for one's health. "
مائکروویو پاپکارن
(microwave popcorn)
"microwave popcorn"
مجهے مائکروویو پاپکارن پسند نہیں ہیں.
(Mujhay microwave popcorn pasand nahin hain.)
"I don't like microwave popcorn."
Are you kidding me?
انسٹینٹ نوڈلز
(Instant noodles)
"instant noodles"
In Pakistan, you would hear 2-minute noodles, Maggi noodles but what it means is instant noodles. And Maggi noodles even though the company is not Maggi like there are many companies who are manufacturing or making this product but Maggi is just such a big brand name that the kids are always asking their moms like, I want Maggi noodles but the company is something different. So yeah, what it means is that they want instant noodles.
For example,
.انسٹینٹ نوڈلز بنانا آسان ہے
(Instant noodles banana aasan hai.)
"It's easy to make instant noodles."
بچوں کو کینڈی پسند ہیں.
(Bachon ko candy pasand hain.)
"Children like candies."
ہر روز سوڈا نہ پییں.
(Har roz soda na peeyein.)
"Don't drink soda every day."
So in Pakistan, it is really common to have soda in the summer season because our summers are, like, really hot, really, really hot. All these drinks are quite unhealthy but the one drink that I recommend to almost all the tourists that go to Pakistan is, ganne ka ras. It is a syrup made from sugarcane and if you are feeling really hot and you are outside, just go to a stall and you ask them, give me sugar cane soda, and it’s quite healthy for you and they will make it fresh in front of you. You can see all the big sugarcane getting in the machine and the syrup is coming from the other side. So it’s quite healthy actually. Basically, you can see this soda or you can see this drink being sold in small stalls in the streets and you just go there and just say, mujhe ganne ka ras de. “Give me a glass of sugarcane soda or sugar cane syrup” And there are two words that we use in Urdu for this. One is ganne ka ras and the other one is... “Give me a sugarcane soda (or drink).”
وه اپنی چائے میں بہت ذیاده شکر ڈالتا ہے.
(Woh apni chaiye mei ziada shakar dalta hai.)
"He adds a lot of sugar to his tea. "
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See you until next time. Allah Hafiz!