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Lesson Transcript

Assalamualaikum. Welcome to another lesson at Urdu top words. Our today’s lesson is Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Pakistan. But guys, let me tell you. These 10 destinations are not the only places to visit. There are many more and I don’t think the time is enough to cover all of them in one lesson. So let’s get started.
فیصل مسجد
(Faisal Masjid)
"Faisal Mosque"
فیصل مسجد اسلام آباد میں ہے.
(Faisal Masjid Islamabad mei hai.)
"Faisal Mosque is in Islamabad."
For those of you who don’t know, Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Talking a bit history for the Mosque itself, it was gifted to the Pakistani government by the Saudi government.
شاہی قلعہ
(Shahi qila)
"Shahi qila"
شاہی قلعہ لاہور میں مشہور ہے.
(Shahi qila Lahore mei mashhoor hai.)
"Shahi qila is famous in Lahore."
Lahore is my home city guys and if you do get to Lahore, I mean the next few destinations including this one, they are all in Lahore and these are actually next to each other. So if you plan a day out, you would be covering all of these destinations together. They are many hundreds of years old and they were made by the Mughals. So it’s quite something to look at and we do have a food street outside these Lahori tourist destinations. So when you get tired the whole exploring these places, you can really have a good rest in the food street and really fill your tummies with yummy food.
جہانگیر کیا مقبرہ
(Jahangir ka maqbarah)
"Tomb of Jahangir"
جہانگیر کا مقبرہ پرانے لاہور میں ہے.
(Jahangir ka maqbarah puranay Lahore mei hai.)
"Tomb of Jahangir is in old Lahore."
Guys, we have a new Lahore and we have an Old Lahore. Actually we don’t say it New Lahore but we do say to the auto man that Old Lahore. So, by Old Lahore what we mean is the central Lahore where we have all these places like Shahi Qila and Jahangir ka maqbarah and Badshahi Masjid and all those things together. As I said, they are next to each other, very close to each other. So yes, that place is actually famous and we call it Old Lahore.
انار کلی
(anar kali)
"Anar kali"
انار کلی ایک مصروف خریدوفروخت کی جگہ ہے.
(Anar kali aik masroof khareed o farookht ki jaga hai.)
"Anar kali is a busy shopping spot."
Anar kali is actually name of a bazar and it’s one of the oldest bazars in Lahore and you can really get really cheap stuff in this market. And I tend to visit it whenever I visit Pakistan at least once.
مری اسلام آباد کے بہت قریب ہے.
(Murree Islamabad ky bohat qareeb hai.)
"Murree is very close to Islamabad."
So guys, Murree is a hot spot for all the tourists, especially, also, the domestic tourists you know. In our summer vacations, all the people from Punjab, they are coming to Murree and it’s very difficult to get a room. It’s fully booked because the weather is really nice. It’s not too cold. It’s very pleasant and Punjab can get, like, really hot. In my hometown in Lahore, we do have temperatures up to 43 degree or 45 sometimes. So yes, it’s a famous tourist spot not only for foreign tourists but also for domestic tourists. Please plan your tour carefully and book the hotel I would say a month in advance if you are planning to visit Murree and other northern part of Pakistan.
ٹیکسلا میوزیم
(texila museum)
"Taxila museum"
ٹیکسلا میوزیم بودھ متون کے درمیان مشہور ہے.
(Taxila museum budh matoo ky darmaiyan mashhoor hai.)
"Taxila Museum is famous among Buddhists."
We do have some Buddhist history in Pakistan. It’s actually quite interesting if you dig it up a little. You can’t see a lot of temples and forts if you are really interested in it. The next destination I am going to talk about has some of it. You might have actually read about it in your history books, you know, Indus Valley civilization. So it’s the world heritage site and it does give you aspects about the early civilizations and there are some signs of Buddhist history there as well.
موہن جو دڑو
(mohenjo dar)
"Mohenjo daro "
موہن جو دڑو قدیم تہذیب کی نمائندگی کرتا ہے.
(Mohenjo daro qadeem tehzeeb ki numaindagi kerta hai.)
"Mohenjo daro represents the ancient civilization."
So as I said, it’s one of the world heritage sites and our government has gone to extreme lengths in order to preserve it. If you have a love for history, please check it out. It’s really amazing. The things those people came up with and did, you know. You can see all the proper irrigation system and all those sort of things. It’s really interesting. One of a kind.
روہتاس فورٹ
(rohtas fort)
"Rohtas Fort "
روہتاس فورٹ کو محفوظ نہیں کیا جا رہا ہے.
(Rohtas fort ko mehfooz nahi kia ja raha.)
"Rohtas Fort is not being preserved."
Actually, it’s a fort in North of the city and it’s a very old one but quite unfortunately, we are really not working on preserving it. I hope that the government would realize that it’s part of our ancient history and we should really work on preserving it more but yes, it’s a good day trip.
بادشاہی مسجد
(Badshahi Masjid)
"Badshahi Mosque"
بادشاہی مسجد پاکستان کی سب سے بڑی مساجد میں سے ایک ہے.
(Bashahi Masjid Pakistan ki sab say bari masajid mei say aik hai.)
"Badshahi Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in Pakistan."
It was made in the Mughal empire time and it’s really, really beautiful. It’s really big. You should really go. As I previously said, Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid, Jahangir Ka Maqbara. These things are very near to each other. So you can easily cover it in a day.
ناران وادی
(naran vadi)
"Naran valley"
ناران وادی فطرت سے بهرپور ہے.
(Naran vadi fitrat say bharpoor hai.) "Naran Valley is full of nature."
It’s really beautiful and actually when you visit Murree and if you go ahead, I mean beyond that in the north side, you would see Naran, Kaghan and then many other places. As I said, this one lesson does not cover up all the tourist destinations. If you are really interested in the north side, you should visit Swat, Kalam, Azad Kashmir. There are so many things to visit in Pakistan. But yes, if you are more of a city person, then what I mentioned in this lesson for example, Faisal Masjid, Shahi qila, Badshahi Masjid, Rohtas fort. These tourist destinations are in big cities. So it is easy for you to have a taste of history but at the same time, you are not losing much of the city life. So check it out and do let me know in the comments which places you went to and how was your experience. I think Pakistani people in general are very hospitable people and they tend to welcome foreigners and I hope you have a good time.
Okay guys, this is the end of our lesson. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. If you like the video, please give us a thumbs up and do check our website www.UrduPod101.com, see you until next time. Allah Hafiz!