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Lesson Transcript

Hello, assalamualaikum and welcome to Urdu top words. Today, our lesson would be about Top 10 Must-Know Vocabulary for Restaurant. Let’s get started.
ویٹر کو بلائیں.
(Waiter ko bulain.)
“Call the waiter.”
So guys, it’s not a big deal. You can say it the way I just said it waiter ko bulain but some people do tend to add the word براہ مہربانی. (Barah e meharbani) which means “please.” So anything you do, just add the word in the beginning براہ مہربانی. (Barah e meharbani)
براہ مہربانی ویٹر کو بلائیں.
(Barah e meharbani waiter ko bulain.)
“Please call the waiter.”
مجھے مینو دے دیں.
(Mujhay menu day dein.)
“Give me the menu.”
So again, please add the word براہ مہربانی. (Barah e meharbani) if you want to say, “please give me the menu.”
It would become, like,
براہ مہربانی مجھے مینو دے دیں.
(Barah e meharbani mujhay menu day dein.)
“Please give me the menu.”
“To order”
آپ کیا آڈر دینا پسند کریں گے؟
(Aap kia ardar dena pasand karein gay?)
“What would you like to order?”
So basically guys, if you are asking a guy, it would become like,
Aap kia ardar dena pasand karein gay?
But if it’s a woman, then,
Aap kia ardar dena pasand karein gi?
So please check our verb lessons in order to have more clear understanding of sentence structures to use when you are talking to a woman or what kind of grammar to use when you are addressing a man.
مجھے پانی چاہیے.
(Mujhay pani chahiye.)
“I need water.”
In Pakistan, usually the water in the restaurants, the tap water is free but they would always like to sell you the bottled water which is always for a charge for sure and it varies from restaurant to restaurant and it’s not a fixed price. So watch out for that and I would say that even it’s a bottled water but there is no guarantee that it does not have mixed tap water inside. So, yeah.
میٹھے میں کیا ہے؟
(Meethay mei kia hai?)
“What is for the dessert?”
Ah! Basically desserts are my favorite part of the dinner in a restaurant and I always go along with Molten Lava Cake. Do try it. It’s really good.
(Khansamaa / bawarchi)
وہ ایک ماہر خانساماں ہے.
(Woh aik mahir khansamaa hai.)
“He is an expert chef.”
You might have noticed that I used two words. One was khansamaa and the other was bawarchi and you can use it for the word chef. You can choose which way you feel more natural in speaking. It means the same.
پاکستانی ریسٹورانٹ کہاں ہے؟
(Pakistan resorant kaha hai?)
“Where is the Pakistani restaurant?”
So it’s more logical if you use the sentence as like where is the Pakistani restaurant you told me about. So that would be, woh Pakistani restaurant kaha hai jiske bare main tumne mujhe bataya tha.
Jiske bare main tumne mujhe bataya tha.
بل کتنا ہے؟
(Bill kitna hai?)
“How much is the bill?”
The reply usually would be in terms of a receipt. They would just give you one or if some people might say, (yeh le) “there it is.” (Yeh leejiye) “there it is.” But yeah, I think more commonly they just give you the receipt and that’s it.
کھانا مزیدار ہے.
(Khana mazedar hai.)
“The food is delicious.”
There are a number of words you can use for the word delicious in Urdu. For example, mazedar, zabardust, aala, lajawab. So it just depends upon how good you feel the food is.
مرکزی کهانا
(markazi khana)
“main course”
مرکزی کهانے میں کیا ہے؟
(Markazi khanay mei kia hai?)
“What is in the main course?”
I guess I have hardly ever heard this word, I mean at least in my circle of friends, they just say, what is the food? (Khana kya hai?) rather than saying, markazi khana but anyway, it’s good to always know the proper word.
So, this is the end of our another lesson. See you until next time. Allah Hafiz!