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Lesson Transcript

Assalam u Alaikum mera naam Afrah hai. Hi everybody! I’m Afrah.
Welcome to UrduPod101.com’s “3 minat mein Urdu”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Urdu.
In the last lesson, you learned how to count in Urdu. I hope you spent some time practising the numbers, because they will come in handy in this lesson. You’re going to learn how to go shopping in Pakistan!
Before we go, you need to know how to say “How much is this?”
Iska Daam kyaa hai?
[slowly] Iska Daam kyaa hai?
Are you ready to go shopping in Pakistan? Let’s go!
You see something you like and want to ask the shopkeeper how much it costs. The first thing to say to a shopkeeper is Maaf kiijiye. Do you remember what that means?
"Excuse me!"
Maaf kiijiye, iska Daam kyaa hai?
Excuse me, how much is this?
[slowly] maaf kiijiye, iska Daam kyaa hai?
If you want to be more specific when asking "How much is this?" and refer to a certain type of object, you just need to insert the object in between the word iska- between is and ka.
Let’s see an example. Suppose you want to buy a hat in the market. “Hat” in Urdu is topii. So, “How much is this hat?”, in Urdu is Is topii ka Daam kyaa hai?
[slowly] Is topii ka Daam kyaa hai?
But what if you want to buy several things? Then you’d have to use a new word inka which means “these”.
“Excuse me, how much are these?” in Urdu is Maaf kiijiye, inka Daam kyaa hai?
[slowly] ma-af kii-ji-ye, in-ka Da-am kyaa hai
At this point the shop clerk can answer by saying:
Iska Daam, the price, then hai.
Yeh., the price, then ka hai.
For example:
Iska Daam pachaas rupae hai.
Yeh pachaas rupae ka hai
What number is pachaas? I’m not telling you! Okay, okay, it’s "fifty"! So altogether, this means "It costs fifty rupees.”
Now it’s time for Afrah’s Advice.
Another very common way of asking “How much is it?” is Yeh kitny ka hai? And if you want to be more specific and mention the thing you want to know the price of, all you need to do is insert the object after Yeh.
Yeh saib kitny ka hai?
which means “How much is this apple?”
At this point, can you count rupees in Urdu? We are going to learn how to do this and much more in the next lesson! I’ll be waiting for you in our next “3 minat mein Urdu” lesson. Phir milenge!