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Lesson Transcript

Assalam u Alaikum mera naam Afrah hai.
Hi, My name is Afrah. Welcome to UrduPod101.com’s “3 minat mein Urdu”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Urdu.
In the last lesson, you learned how to use the verb karna which means "to do" and the very useful word raha to indicate something you are doing right now. In this lesson, you will learn how to use acha lagna, a phrase that may come in handy in all sorts of situations.
Acha lagna means something similar "to like" in Urdu, so in this lesson we are going to see how to use it correctly. Let’s start!
Imagine you are in a restaurant with your friend and he or she asks you kya Tumhe naan acha lagtaa hai?
Literally it means something like “Is Naan good for you?” But it is actually an informal way to say “Do you like Naan?”
So imagine you do like it. You can say haan mujhe naan acha lagta hai. meaning “Yes, I like naan.”
[slowly] haan mujhe naan achaa lagTaa hai.
Let’s break down this answer:
First we have haan which simply means "yes."
Then we have mujhe which is the pronoun "I." When talking about your likes or saying something with insistence, we use this pronoun instead of the pronoun main which we learned before.
Next is naan which is an Pakistani flat bread.
After that is achaa, which is “good” and lagTaa which is “seems”
And finally we have hai which is the verb “to be”.
haan mujhe naan achaa lagTaa hai.
Please note that Naan is a masculine word, so achaa lagTaa is also in the masculine form. If the object you like is feminine, it will change to achi lagti.
In Urdu we use the phrase acha lagna to express that we "love" or we "just like" something or someone. So even if you just appreciate something, you can use acha lagna.
In fact, the phrase acha lagna can have many degrees of strength, and this often depends a lot on the word that comes before it. For example, to say that you really love or enjoy something or someone, you can add the word bahuT before acha as in mujhe yah film bahuT achi lagti hai which means "I really like this movie". Here it is stronger and means you like it very much.
And of course, you could also use acha lagna to say how you feel about the person you truly like or the person you fell in love with. You can tell him, Ap mujhay achay lagtay hain...
or tell her, Ap mujhay achi lagti hain. This means “I like you” or “I love you.”
Now it’s time for Afrah’s Advice.
In Urdu, if you really want to insist on the fact that you love something, you could use the verb pasanD which is "to like" something or someone. So you will certainly hear mujhe ghomna pasanD hai! This means "I really like travelling!"
In this lesson, you learned how to use acha lagna depending on how much you like something or someone!
Next time, you’ll learn another very useful verb, aanaa. Do you know what this Urdu verb means? I'll be waiting for you with the answer in the next “3 minat mein Urdu” lesson.
Phir milenge.