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Lesson Transcript

السلام عليكم.
(as-salāmu ʿalaykum)
My name is Afrah, and welcome to our series - Urdu Top Words. And today's lesson is top 10 phrases you always want to hear. Let's started!
آج آپ بہت اچھے /اچھی لگ رہے / رہی ہیں.
(Aaj aap bohat achay / achi lag rahay/rahi hain.)
"You look great today."
Thank you!
میں آپ کو یاد کرتا / کرتی ہوں.
(Mei aap ko yaad kerta/kerti hun.)
"I miss you."
You will notice that in all the phrases, I'll be using masculine and feminine forms so please keep a look for that. And if you want to know more about how to make a difference for masculine and feminine nouns and words, please make sure to check our website, we have many lessons teaching all that grammatical point.
آپ نے بہت اچھا کام کیا ہے!
(Aap nay bohat acha kam kia hai!)
"You did a great job!"
مہینے کے آخر میں ایک بونس دیا جائے گا.
(Mahinay ky akhir mei aik bonus dia jai ga.)
"There'll be a bonus at the end of the month."
I bet everyone would like to hear that.
ہمیں آپ جیسے باصلاحیت لوگوں کی ضرورت ہے.
(Humein aap jaisay basalahiyat logon ki zarurat hai.)
"We need talented people like you."
وقفہ لیں. میں آج صفائی کروں گا / کروں گی.
(Waqfa lein. Mei aaj safai karun ga / karun gi.)
"Take a break. I'll do the cleaning today."
Yeah, it sounds pretty nice.
اور آپ جیت گئے/ گئی!
(Aur aap jeet gaye / gai!)
"And you win!"
آپ صحیح تھے / تهی!
(Aap sahih thay / thi!)
"You were right!"
Yeah, I told you so.
ہم واقعی آپ کی مدد کی قدر کرتے ہیں.
(Hum waqayi aap ki madad ki qadar kertay hain.)
"We really appreciate your help."
بجٹ لامحدود ہے.
(Budget laamehdood hai.)
"The budget is unlimited."
Oh who wouldn't like to hear that for your department, right?
So that's the end of our lesson.
See you until next time!
اللہ حافظ
(allah hafiz)‫