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Lesson Transcript

Assalamualaikum. Welcome everyone to another video with me your host Afrah Zahid at Urdu top words. So our today’s lesson is 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Urdu. Sounds interesting to me. Let’s get started.
لیپ ٹاپ
میں نے ایک لیپ ٹاپ خریدا.
(Mein nay aik laptop khareeda.)
"I bought a laptop."
Well, I guess guys if you are going to go and buy a laptop in Pakistan, you better do your research properly from where you can get and what exact specifications you are looking for because we do have lots of markets and there are places from where you can actually get a laptop cheaper compared to the other shops. So just do your research properly and then you are good to buy a laptop.
مجهے یہ خوشبو اچهی لگتی ہے.
(Mujhay yeh khushboo achi lagti hai.)
"I like this perfume."
I think in Pakistan, all the uptown malls especially in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, they do have all the branded perfumes and I think the price is almost the same as in the international market. So it shouldn’t be a problem for you to buy a good perfume as a gift.
میری کتاب کہاں ہے؟
(Meri kitab kahan hai?)
"Where is my book?"
Personally I think book is actually one of the most convenient gifts actually you can buy for anyone because in Pakistan, we do have a really good bookshops and in Lahore and in – I mean, almost in every city, we have an Urdu bazaar. So Urdu bazaar is actually a market specifically for buying books and anything related to books or stationeries. You should actually visit it. It might make a good trip for you.
دنیا کا نقشہ
(duniya ka naqsha)
"world map"
مجهے دنیا کے نقشے کی ضرورت ہے.
(Mujhay duniya ky naqshay ki zarurat hai.)
"I need a world map."
Well, I guess guys, you can easily just buy it from any stationery shop and again as I mentioned earlier, if you go and visit Urdu Bazaar, you can actually get quite a lot of variety in the designs of these world maps like the way they are presented on a frame or on a paper. So, yeah it’s a good gift. It makes a good gift I think. And sometimes you know you can actually get a customized world map. By customized, what I mean is that you have the world map but at the same time, you can add certain elements to it. For example like places you want to visit or places you have already been or like add the name of the person you are gifting it to. So yeah, there are a lot of viable options available and you need to visit Urdu Bazaar for that.
میرے پاس پیشہ ورانہ کیمره ہے.
(Meray pass paisha waranah camera hai.)
"I have a professional camera."
Well, as I said earlier that in Pakistan, you can actually get almost all the gadgets but make sure to do your research properly because we do have lots of markets in which you can get the original product but at the same time, you can also get the first copy of that product. I mean it sounds insane but we have a whole variety of the quality of these products. So when you are buying something, please make sure you do your research properly before buying anything.
سمارٹ فون
(smart phone)
ایپل ایک مشہور سمارٹ فون کمپنی ہے.
(Apple aik mashhoor smart phone company hai.)
"Apple is a famous smartphone company."
Well, for all the famous companies, we do have their specific dealers in Pakistan. So rather than buying it from just any shop, I would recommend you to go to the specified dealer for that company. For example, if you want to buy a Samsung smartphone or an Apple phone, go to the dealer, the authorized dealer rather than buying it from any shop in the market you see because that way, it is more safe, more secure and also your warranty you can actually claim it rather than that warranty just sitting on your desk.
میں نے اسے تحفے کے طور پر ایک ٹائی دی.
(Mein nay usay tohfay ky tor per aik tie di.)
"I gave him a tie as a gift."
Tie is one of the most I think most common gift among men when you are gifting a male friend or partner and we do have many beautiful shops where you can get excellent quality of clothes for tie. Don’t forget to check out lots of shops before you buy a tie because again, as we have many shops, you will see lots of qualities. So you will need to see more shops in order to determine what kind of quality you are going for. We have cheap ties. You can get a tie as cheap as 150 rupees but you can also get a 5000 rupees worth of tie. So make sure what you are looking for.
کیا آپ کے پاس اردو کی لغت ہے؟
(Kia aap ky pas Urdu ki lugat hai?)
"Do you have an Urdu dictionary?"
Dictionary is something that you can get in any bookstore in Pakistan. Mostly every bookstore has a dictionary. The most famous Urdu dictionary in Pakistan is Feroz Lughat. So I would recommend it to all my students that whenever you visit Pakistan, you have a chance, you can get it and it’s very, very cheap. And if you are visiting the Urdu Bazaar, you can actually get it cheaper compared to the other bookstores like in general market.
پاکستان کے لئے پرواز
(Pakistan ky liye parwaaz)
"a flight to Pakistan"
پاکستان کے لئے پرواز منسوخ ہو گئی ہے.
(Pakistan ky liye parwaaz mansookh ho gai hai.)
"The flight to Pakistan has been cancelled."
We do have our international flight carrier for Pakistan that is PIA, Pakistan International Airlines and the experiences for everybody is different because I think it depends upon the destination. For example, the PIA airplanes to European countries or to that side, they are actually more advanced and clean and the flight experience is more comfortable as compared to the PIA airplanes going to Asian countries or South Asian countries. So I think it makes a very nice gift idea if you are buying your partner or your friend a ticket to Pakistan. I mean, they are going to see their family or just visiting Pakistan but at the same time, before you buy such an expensive gift, make sure that they are mentally prepared to take that journey because the culture of Pakistan and other countries is very different.
ہاتھ سے تیار کرده مٹی کے برتن
(hath say tayar kerdah matti ky bartan)
"handmade pottery"
ہاتھ سے تیار کرده مٹی کے برتن خوبصورت ہیں.
(Hath say tayar kerdah matti ky bartan khubsurat hain.)
"Handmade pottery is beautiful."
Well, I think it makes amazing souvenir if you can buy handmade pottery because Pakistan is actually very famous for it and I think it’s very cheap to buy these kind of handmade pottery from Pakistan. We are also very famous for exporting handmade pottery to other countries. So I think it makes an exceptional beautiful souvenir for you to buy in Pakistan.
This is the end of another lesson from my side guys but before that, let me ask you which gift would you prefer out of these gift ideas? Make sure you answer me and comment below, like my video. Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to know more about our Urdu videos and lessons and advanced Urdu material. Please don’t forget to check our website www.UrduPod101.com, this is your host Afrah signing off. See you until next time. Allah Hafiz!