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Lesson Transcript

Assalamualaikum. Welcome to another video of Urdu top words. Our today’s lesson is Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. Let’s get started.
مجھے ایک ٹکٹ دینا.
(Mujhay aik ticket dena.)
"Give me a ticket."
So guys, if you want to be a bit more polite, you can just say براہ کرم
literally translating it would be “please kindly” or “please.” So guys, if you are actually going to buy a ticket and you are asking from another person for advice or something, then I think it’s better if you would be a bit more specific and say, train ticket or bus ticket rather than just saying, like, I need a ticket like mujhay aik ticket chahiye because the other person might not, I mean they would ask you which ticket are you looking for? A bus ticket or a train ticket or a plane ticket. So yeah, it’s better to be a bit more specific.
بہت سے سیاح پاکستان آتے ہیں.
(Bohat say sayyah Pakistan atay hain.)
"Many tourists come to Pakistan."
In the recent years, we have seen a big change especially for the north side of Pakistan the Himalayas and that range, many people are coming for skiing and I am really happy to see that it gives confidence about the self-image of the country itself and it’s really untouched territory. So I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth and if you are into skiing, do check it out on the internet and try to plan your trip with good company and I think you would really enjoy it.
سیاحت نامہ
(Sayyat nama)
آپ کا سیاحت نامہ تیار ہے.
(Aap ka sayyahat nama tiar hai.)
"Your itinerary is ready."
رہنمائی کی کتاب
(rahnumai ki kitab)
مجهے رہنمائی کی کتاب چاہیے.
(Mujhay rahnumai ki kitab chahiye.)
"I need a guidebook."
Guys, I think a more natural selection of word would be a guidebook rather than saying rahnumai ki kitab because if you use the word rahnumai ki kitab, then what kind of guide you are looking for you know. Guide to cooking, guide to traveling, guide for problems at home. So yeah, if you are using this, then you need to be a bit more specific. So what you can do is just say guidebook. So if you say guidebook, then it becomes a bit more obvious that you are asking for – as a tourist, you are asking for Pakistan guidebook for travel in Pakistan.
ٹور بس
(tour bus)
"tour bus"
ٹور بس کہاں ہے؟
(Tour bus kaha hai?)
"Where is the tour bus?"
It’s really a good phrase to remember because you would be using a lot of it when you are touring in Pakistan. I would suggest as a traveller that maybe you would not find the buses more comfortable. So maybe as a tourist, I mean for the purpose of experience, it’s good but if you are really into traveling a lot, maybe hiring a personal car with a driver would be a more safe and comfortable way of touring in Pakistan.
میرے شہر میں ایک مندر ہے.
(Meray shehar mei aik mandir hai.)
"There is a temple in my city."
Pakistan has Hindu population as well but we don’t have lots of temples. I mean the Hindu temples. Instead, we have I think more mosques almost every two streets away, you can find a mosque because we are a Muslim country but we do have some churches and some temples where Hindus and Christians pray.
میں ہر روز مسجد جاتا ہوں.
(Mein har roz masjid jata hun.)
"I go to the mosque every day."
You should know that mosque is not the place only for praying. It is also social hub for the men together and we have five prayers in Pakistan in one day. You have a mosque in your neighbourhood and all the neighbors are coming to pray there. So it gives you more time to socialize with your neighbors and to get to know what’s happening with everyone. So the purpose of coming together five times a day in one place is to have a stronger social relationships and Islam really focuses on taking care of your neighbors and I think this is what we achieve by going to the Masjid every day.
یہ چرچ چھوٹا ہے.
(Yeh church chota hai.)
"This church is small."
Again guys, we do have some Christian population in Pakistan. So they do go to church and they celebrate their Christmas but of course, that Christmas is not being celebrated on a massive scale as we see in other countries because Pakistan is a Muslim country.
ناران وادی بہت آبشاریں ہیں.
(Naran vadi mei bohat si aabshaarein hain.)
"Naran Valley has many waterfalls."
Guys, I’ve been to Naran and I would personally recommend anyone visiting Pakistan that it is a must go place for you. It’s beautiful and the waterfall, waterfalls are really beautiful. The weather is really great and you can really enjoy it and I think anybody visiting Pakistan apart from I mean, if you want to get away from the city life and explore more nature, you should definitely, definitely go for Naran and Kagan and these sites of Pakistan.
میں اس سال پاکستان کا دوره کر رہا ہوں.
(Mein iss saal Pakistan ka dorah ker raha hun.)
"I am touring Pakistan this year."
Good for you. Me too. I always visit Pakistan usually in my summer vacations but of course it’s not the best time of the year to visit if you are visiting the Punjab side or the Sind and Baluchistan side but if you’re visiting the northern areas, then absolutely the weather is gorgeous and I think it’s the best time of the year to explore the north side of Pakistan.
Okay guys, so this is the end of another lesson. If you like our video, please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment below. If you are traveling to Pakistan, do let me know where did you go and which was your favorite place. By the way, for me, it has been Naran and Kagan and I just loved it. Don’t forget to check our website at www.UrduPod101.com, see you until next time. Allah Hafiz!
Our today’s lesson is Top 10 Urdu Wor – our today’s lesson is Top Most –
Assalamualaikum. Welcome to another video – Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary.