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Lesson Transcript

Assalamualaikum. Welcome to another lesson at Urdu top words. Today’s lesson is, Top 10 Phrases the Tourists Should Never Use. Let’s get started.
یہ انتہائی غلیظ ہے!
(Yeh intehai ghaleez hai!)
"That's disgusting!"
Well, to be honest, I am a pretty straightforward person but I think there is a very clear line between being impolite and being straightforward. So if you want to say something that’s like really bad, not good, maybe you can use a little less harsh word. For example, yeh accha nahin hai, “it’s not good” rather than saying, “it’s disgusting.”
میرا ملک بہتر ہے.
(Mera mulk behtar hai.)
"My country is better."
Well, you see guys, we are sharing this planet earth. So every country has some good points and some bad points and we have to be a bit more flexible and have that kind of attitude. So I don’t think it’s a very polite phrase to use or a very polite idea that I agree with.
یہ ملک محفوظ نہیں ہے
(Yeh mulk mehfooz nahi hai.)
"This country is not safe."
As I said again, every country has some good points and every country has some bad points. I totally agree with it. There might be some parts of Pakistan that you don’t feel they are safe. I am a Pakistani and I’ve lived almost all my life in Pakistan and I know those particular areas of Pakistan which I feel are not safe but that doesn’t mean that I say my country as a whole that Pakistan is not safe. You understand what I am trying to say. I am sure where you are coming from, there might be some part of the country or your area which you don’t feel comfortable going in but that doesn’t mean that we label that country, may it be any country, India, Pakistan, any country. I mean, I don’t think it’s fair to the people that you label the country as not safe.
بکواس بند کرو!
(Bakwas band karo!)
"Shut up!"
Ah well I think it’s not really polite but I would like to point it out here that when you are with your friends, especially teenagers, I feel they tend to use this word a lot more than the grownups like bakwas na karo like “don’t say foolish stuff” you know or “don’t say rubbish.” But yes, if your tone is like bakwas band karo! That is “shut up” and that’s not polite.
میں آپ کی ثقافت میں ذیاده دلچسپ نہیں ہوں.
(Mein tumhari saqafat mei ziada dilchasp nahi hun.)
"I'm not very interested in your culture."
I think when you are visiting a country, the whole point is to take the experience in. Maybe a good experience, maybe a bad experience. You share the good experiences, you learn from the bad experiences and you guide the people according to your experiences but saying someone I am not interested in your culture, dude, why did you even go there at the first place if you are not interested. So watch out before you speak.
مجهے نئے لوگوں سے ملنا پسند نہیں.
(Mujhay naiye logo say milna pasand nahi.)
"I don't like meeting new people."
Well again, difference of opinion I guess. If you don’t like meeting new people, I mean you don’t have to say it because it might hurt other people's feelings. At least I am that kind of person like I think I mean as I said, I am straightforward but at the same time, I do take into consideration other people's feelings at the same point. So yeah, maybe you should find another sentence or polite way to tell them that you are not interested in making plans with them or you don’t want to see them again but yeah, there could be many other sentences through which you can convey the same point.
(bayzar kun!)
If you don’t like something, you can say mein bor ho rahi hun like “I am bit bored” but if you say like bayzar kun! I mean, if you are in a circle of friends, I think it’s totally okay but if you are in – I mean, if you are a tourist and you are meeting some new people and they are your host or they are taking different places, maybe there might be some better sentences through which you can convey that this place is not really interesting to you and you want to have a different kind of experience because as a tourist, you don’t want to waste your money as well. I totally understand that and you want to do things which are interesting to you, the things you can actually enjoy but saying that, you need to come up with some other sentences to convey that to your host or your tour guide or whoever you are with.
اس کا بہت برا ذائقہ ہے.
(Iss ka bohat bura zaiqa hai.)
"This tastes awful."
Huh well, you might not like the taste. Please try to find a polite way to say that you don’t like it but for me as a person, usually I leave the food and I just put it on the side but I never say that this is disgusting or I don’t like it because I feel especially in Pakistan, why I am saying it. See, people are really poor and it takes a lot of effort for those people, for any person, it might be a Halal restaurant or I mean, a small restaurant but it takes an amount of time to prepare that food. Someone prepares it, someone brings it to your table, someone will clean those plates and someone will give you the bill. So you see how many people are involved in that picture but what I am trying to say is that a lot of people are involved in preparing that food. So try to give a bit more room of leniency when you are giving opinions. I mean, this is the kind of person I am. So yeah, I think it’s not really polite.
میں ہوٹل میں دن گزاروں گا / گی.
(Mei hotel mei din guzaru ga/gi.)
"I'm going to spend the day in the hotel."
If you are a girl, gi, if you are a guy, ga. Well, I guess if you have a fight with your partner or with your girl [0:07:57.4] it makes complete sense to spend a day in the hotel but I would advise you not to do so because you spend the money to get to Pakistan. So what you do is, you put the fight behind you, make a note in your mobile or somewhere, enjoy the day and when you go back, you can take out the list for the number of events you were annoyed with your partner and then fight for that one. I mean, this is what I do because we had a very strong pact between us that never, ever destroy your travel day because of a fight.
یہ پاگل پن ہے.
(Yeh pagal pan hai.)
"This is stupid."
Again, again guys, if you are in a circle of friends, I think it is okay to use the word but if you are with new people, I mean it’s not down right rude but yeah, it’s better if you don’t use it but to be honest, there is not something really offensive about it. For example, if someone is diving off a cliff and you say, this is crazy or this is stupid, it makes sense. I mean it makes sense to you. So it’s not really offensive but yeah, just watch your tone. Just say it maybe politely, yeah. This is crazy, you know. Yeh pagalpan hain. Yeah.
So this is the end of my lesson. Inshallah, I will see you in my next lesson. If you like the video, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. Please comment below, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check our website www.UrduPod101.com, see you until next time. Allah hafiz!
Actually I do it.
F2: It’s so good.
F1: Seriously, like, my husband and me are the same like we – I mean, if I don’t like something and it’s making me angry. So I forget about it. Just write it but when I get home, I am going to be like I really have a big fight but we cannot ruin the travel day because we paid visa and travel tickets and everything. So there's no point in destroying your day.
F2: Oh, this is a very good idea. I like it.
F1: Yeah.
F2: Okay. I will take a note of that.
F1: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I think if you have rules in your relationship, I don’t know. I feel it works.
F2: This is a very nice one, okay.
F1: Okay.