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Lesson Transcript

السلام عليكم.
(as-salāmu ʿalaykum)
Hello, everyone! Welcome to Urdu Top Words. Our today's lesson is 10 Pakistani Foods.
So let's get started!
حلوہ پوری
(Halwa Puri)
"Halwa Puri"
مجھے حلوہ پوری پسند ہے.
(Mujhay halwa puri pasand hai.)
"I like halwa puri."
Actually, this is one of my favorite ones. We usually eat it in our breakfast and it's very common in Pakistan. You can get it in almost every street.
آپ کو کڑاہی پسند ہے؟
(Aap ko karahi pasand hai?)
"Do you like karahi?"
I love it! Actually, Karahi is a very traditional food in Pakistan and it's made from meat. You can use chicken meat, beef, or mutton, but people in Pakistan actually prefer it in mutton. I love mutton karahi.
میں بریانی بنانے میں ماہر ہوں.
(Mein biryani bananay mei mahir hun.)
"I am expert in cooking biryani."
Actually, that's not true, my mother is. Biryani is a traditional food that is served in India, Pakistan, and also in Bangladesh. And it's one of the most delicious food that you will ever get to taste, it has so many spices and such a beautiful aroma, and you can actually feel that aroma on your tongue. It's actually a mixture of rice and chicken curry, and you mix it but it's much more than that. So you've got to taste it, for sure, for yourself.
آپ قورمہ بنانے میں ماہر ہو؟
(Aap qorma bananay mei mahir ho?)
"Are you an expert in making qorma?"
Qorma is a traditional food of Pakistan, and it's a form of curry. So we have mutton, beef, or chicken, and we make curry with it. But we have a very special ingredient involved in qorma, and that are nuts. Lots of nuts. And the aroma with the nuts is very strong so you should really taste it.
پائے ناشتے میں کھائے جاتے ہیں.
(Paiye nashtay mei khaiye jatay hain.)
"Paiye are eaten at breakfast."
Paiye are, the literal translation is "feet of a goat". Don't get scared, but we actually eat them. But not just like, cut them and eat them; we clean them and we sterilize the feet of a goat, it' s a very long process in Pakistan. So we burn the skin, and we take off all the hair, we boil them so there are no more bacteria or germs in it, and we also cut them in half, in order to make sure that they're sterilized properly. And after that, we cook them with special spices for this dish, and the gravy is very sticky and they're really heavy in terms of calories, but everybody loves paiye. No matter if you're from Punjab, or you're from some other province, but... you would love it. So it's a must-try if you ever visit Pakistan.
مجھے کوفتے پسند ہیں.
(Mujhay koftay pasand hain.)
"I like koftay."
Koftay is, actually, meatball. So we just have an egg in between and we cover the egg with the meat. And it's really delicious. And when we're serving the food, we usually cut one koftay into two pieces so you can imagine, it looks like an eyeball in between, you can see half of the egg, a boiled egg, and it's covered with lots of meat outside. It's really beautiful.
حلیم گرم ہے.
(Haleem garm hai.)
"Haleem is hot."
Trust me, people, you would really want to eat a hot Haleem because the spices, the aroma, it's just delicious and I'm a foodie maniac, I mean, I love food, and Haleem is basically a combination of lots of different spices cooked together with chucks of meat in it. It's just heaven.
لاہور کی نہاری مشہور ہے.
(Lahore ki nihari mashhoor hai.)
"Lahore's nihari is famous."
I totally agree with it, 100%, and I'm from Lahore. So take my word for it. Nihari is a curry, a thick gravy that we made from the meat of a goat, but it's taken from the thigh part, specifically from that part. And it's kind of also a bit sticky and it's not really spicy, and we eat it with nan, always with nan, we never have any other kind of bread with nihari. So you should give it a try. And most of the people in Lahore and Punjab, they want nihari as breakfast. I know, it sounds weird, eating such a heavy dish in the breakfast, but that's how we do it in Pakistan.
زرده شادیوں کے لئے ایک مشہور ڈش ہے.
(Zarda shadion ky liye aik mashhoor dish hai.)
"Zarda is a famous course for wedding receptions."
So basically, zarda is sweet rice. So all the rice we make in biryani is spicy, but in zarda, it's the opposite, it's sweet. And it also has many kinds of pistachios and nuts in it. It's served as a dessert, you may call it.
متنجن رنگین ہے.
(Matanjan rangeen hai.)
"Matanjan is colorful."
So zarda and matanjan are like brother and sister. So matanjan is also sweet rice, but it has many many colors. The famous colors for matanjan are white, red, pink, and green. And it also has rasgullah in it. Rasgullah is a small white sweet in Pakistan and included in the rice when they're serving the dish. So it's really sweet and it also has nuts in it, and also famous for weddings. So you should definitely give it a try.
Thank you so much, guys, for watching this video.
See you until next time.
اللہ حافظ
(allah hafiz)