1. How to Say Thank You in Urdu

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Assalam u Aalaikum! My name is Hamza, and I'll be your language teacher and cultural guide throughout this introductory course.
Wherever your destination may be, manners are a must! In this respect, Urdu is no different from other languages. So for our first lesson, we'll be teaching you simple phrases that are bound to come in handy throughout your trip to Pakistan. I can't stress this enough; a little bit of the language can take you a long way!
Oh, before we start! Let me quickly explain something that might confuse you. It is the official language of Pakistan but it is used in India as well.
In Urdu, “Thank you” is Shukriya. Let's break it down by syllable.
(slow) Shukriya
Now let's hear it one more time.
Another useful phrase is Bohat Bohat Shukriya, meaning “Thank you very much.”
(slow) Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
The phrase bohat bohat means "very, "many” or “much.”
(slow) bohat bohat
bohat bohat
Then we have the word shukriya, meaning “thanks.”
(slow) shukriya
All together, we have “Thank you very much.” or literally “Many thanks.”
(slow) Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
Another useful phrase is Har Cheez Ke Liye Bohat Bohat Shukriya, meaning “Thank you very much for everything.” or literally, word by word, “Everything for much thanks.”
(slow) Har Cheez Ke Liye Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
Har Cheez Ke Liye Bohat Bohat Shukriya.
The word Har means "every”.
(slow) Har
The word Cheez means "thing”.
(slow) Cheez
The word Ke liye means "for”.
(slow) Ke liye
Ke liye
Then we have the phrase meaning “Thank you very much.”
(slow) Bohat bohat shukriya.
Bohat bohat shukriya.
So the whole phrase for “Thank you for everything” is Har Cheez ke liye Bohat bohat shukriya. Now let's hear it once again.
(slow) Har Cheez ke liye Bohat bohat shukriya
Har Cheez ke liye Bohat bohat shukriya.
If you are in a formal setting, for example in a meeting with a boss or in a class at school, then you can use the phrase Shukriya sahib. It means “Thank you, sir.” Say “Thank you” or Shukriya then add the word sahib which means “sir” or “mister.” With a female speaker, you can say Shukriya madam which means “Thank you, madam.”
Again, sahib means “sir” or “mister,” and madam means “madam.”
You would use this to show your respect for older people, or people that you don’t know. Let’s listen one more time. First, “Thank you, sir.”
(slow) Shukriya sahib.
Shukriya sahib.
Next, “Thank you, madam.”
(slow) Shukriya Madaam.
Shukriya Madaam.
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